About Us

IICON is the leading face in the field of Trenchless Technology in India was originally founded in the year 2003 and is supported by trenchless Pioneers of the country. IICON with its headquarters in Thane, Maharashtra(Mumbai) as such has more than 10 years history of tunnelling as a specialist Contractor and is committed to providing Horizontal Directional Drilling, Auger Boring,Pipe Jacking, Micro tunnelling and other trenchless excavation solutions.Since 2003, IICON has been at the forefront of tunnelling works with various diameter pipelines in the country. With a steady increase in the usage of unique trenchless technology, IICON has extended its activities throughout various Indian states and cities such as Mumbai, Tamilnadu, and Kolkata & Orissa.

Mr. Joseph Varghese in his personal capacity has been forefront of trenchless technology in Saudi, Qatar& Kuwait.To achieve the company’s objectives of very high standards, the company has highly skilled trenchless experts having more than 10 years of experience. The company owns and maintains all types of latest tunnelling machinery and construction equipment related to the above nature of works.
Various procedures involved are:
 Horizontal Directional Drilling
 Pipe Ramming.
 Pipe jacking.
 Micro Tunnelling.
Pipe Rehabilitation (Pipe Bursting).

A team of qualified QA/QC and safety personnel with set governmental standards and procedures are there to comply with,in accordance to the requirements of the client. We at IICON consider each client to be our asset.Challenging strata and contract deadlines are accepted with full confidence. Modern Technology is deployed for Planning, Scheduling and Execution of projects in time. IICON Company’s ultimate objective is “Cost Effective Superior Workmanship” so as to satisfy the technical requirement of the project and Client in all respects. IICON being the pioneer company in India in this field of trenchless technology and has undertaken various critical specialized trenchless Projects with site locations as crossings under heavy traffic load of Railways and Highways. IICON has more than 10 years of experience in various trenchless applications & therefore is committed to provide complete solutions in the field of Trenchlesstechnology. Also, we provide consultancy services for trenchless related jobs.In his personal capacity Mr.Joseph Varghese and his colleagues were the Team to draft and execute the first Trenchless Project with Horizontal Directional Drilling in India at Goa for SIDCGL (Sewerage and Infrastructural Development Corporation of Goa Ltd.) with two networks covering 25 kms as the pilot project in Shirvodem, Margaon. In accordance with the pilot project the team assisted to make the network planning for above 250 kms of Sewer networking in all the four districts of Goa namely Margaon,Mapusa, Vasco and Calangute. IICON being a significant contributor in Trenchless Technologyis committed to provide quality work, timely execution and is bound to achieve highest level of Customer satisfaction. Our core policy is to deliver quality work within committed time frame, observing strict Engineering Safety and Environment standards to strive for continual improvement through innovations and upgraded technology in trenchless practices.The list of satisfied customer include TWAD, MSDC Ltd.,MCGM, TMC, SIDCGL& many more in the field of Trenchless Technology. Mr. Varghese was the key personnel in implementing Micro tunnelling in Kolkata for KEIP(Kolkata Environmental Improvement Project).IICON is also the nominated sub-contractor for OWSSB (Orissa Water Supply and Sewerage Board)from 2010 to till date. IICON has been nominated as the specialized Trenchless Executor for the JICA assisted Project under OISIP(ORISSA INTEGRATED  SANITATION IMPROVEMENT PROJECT)IICON has the expertise,equipment & resources to professionally execute various projects economically and on schedule to the entire satisfaction ofthe client. We have a team of highly skilled  professionals to support company’s objective.

 Long and established track record of over 13years in the same line of business indicates the firm’s ability to survive business cycles.
Competent promoters(Partners)with over 34 years of experience in the same line of business,reamed with a well qualified and experienced second tier management, bring in a high degree of operational expertise.
High degree of financial flexibility supported by the financial strength of the promoters(Partners).
Robust growth in the turnover at a high compounded annual growth rate(CAGR)expected over the next five financial years